Cosmetic surgery is prevalent these days with both men and women. As you age, the skin starts sagging, and it starts to show on the face and the neck. But through cosmetic surgery, you can reverse it. face lift toronto surgeons say that these procedures have become simple, safe and very affordable and can alter the person’s appearance. To know more about how this process works, refer https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cosmetic-treatments/facelift/.
Earlier, the procedure resulted in plastic like appearance which looked fake, but advanced technology has made it possible for a modern-day facelift to seem more real and subtle rather than make drastic changes. The result is that you look fresh and youthful and not plastic. If you are considering undergoing this procedure, you should know everything related to it so that you can make informed decisions.

Types of a facelift: There is no one fit solution when it comes to a facelift, every person has a different need and problem area that needs addressing. There are various types of procedures and are explained below.

Profile Lift: This procedure is for your neck and jawline with a quick recovery and is minimally invasive. It is used to correct double chin and an improper jawline. Profile Lift tightens the skin, gives a defined jawline, removes extra fat from under the chin and stimulates the collagen. This procedure is opted by younger people too so that they can get correct the contour.

Precision Lift: This is used to tighten the jowls and contouring of the neck and jawline. It corrects the sagging face, neck, and jaws that happens due to aging. This procedure is also minimally invasive with fast recovery.

Signature mini lift: It is for people who opt to do it before the sagging has already started, it helps to tighten the skin around the neck and jowls with minimal invasion.

Signature neck lift: The neck skin is the first area where the skin starts to loosen due to aging. If you are looking at correcting only your neck without face and jowls, then signature neck lift is a great way to address this issue. It is also minimally invasive with incisions made under the chin and behind the ear to treat aging in the neck.

Signature facelift: This procedure is focused more on the face as well as the neck and takes care of jowls, face and neck laxity and folds on the neck. The recovery takes a little longer but is minimally invasive giving you a youthful and natural look.

Is it done under anesthesia?
Only local anesthesia which will result in numbing of the area to provide relaxation is administered. It also provides safety and maximizes your potential to recover fast. Some people opt for general anesthesia as well, and it is up to you to choose what anesthesia you would like during the procedure. But ensure that you look for experienced surgeons who provide appropriate care during and post surgery.

How long will it last?
Though the results last long it cannot be forever, you can prolong the benefits of this procedure by following a balanced and healthy diet and following proper skin care routine.

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