Yoga Is Good For You – In More Ways Than You Thought


A lot of people practice yoga for de-stressing and flexibility. Most are unaware of the effects yoga can have on their weight management program. The common perception is that yoga is not too helpful when it comes to burning your calories. Well, it is partly true. But there are some benefits that you have possibly overlooked. Here, we would try to give you a more holistic view on yoga. You can learn more about it at

Let us check the veracity of the claim that yoga helps indirectly in weight loss if not directly. The expertise of the fitness consultants at has also been utilized to come up with these conclusions. So, here we go!

Yoga as a weight management tool
Yoga is not exactly famous for its calorie burning capacity. It is a well-known fact that a yoga session expends considerably lesser fat when compared to, let’s say, a kettlebell workout. In fact, fat burning would be more than double for the latter. It is also true that certain types of vigorous yoga like Vinyasa yoga or Ashtanga yoga are better at fuel burning than other types that are milder versions like Hatha yoga. But, even the most intense yoga session can’t match circuit training when it comes to calorie burning.

Yoga for weight maintenance
Research has confirmed the fact that people who practiced yoga regularly for at least 4 years are less likely to put on weight than those who didn’t. Interestingly, even over-weight people who had practiced yoga for 4 years, lost about 5lbs during this period while non-practitioners gained about 14lbs. Even though the researchers could not pinpoint the scientific reason for people losing weight doing yoga, given that it is not intense enough to burn calories, they acknowledged that it does aid in losing your calories.

So, how does yoga really help?
The general assumption is that yoga, while not being of much help in using up calories, still offers hope in terms of controlling your need to take in calories resulting from stress eating. The relaxing effect that yoga has on your body and mind pays rich dividends through increased mindfulness and mindful eating. The heightened awareness of your body results in better understanding of aspects like hunger and food intake.

The final verdict is that yoga is moderately helpful in your weight reduction and highly effective in maintaining your weight loss results over a longer period. If your intention is to slim down considerably, it would be more advisable to go for a combination of cardio activities like a treadmill, running or aerobics class and resistance training to achieve your fitness goals. But, it would do you a world of good to do yoga as a buffer activity that helps in muscle recovery and flexibility in between your more strenuous workouts.

Once you have figured out your fitness goals, you can take a call on how to mix up your exercises to get the best result. Remember, doing yoga increases your stamina to withstand the more intense workout routines that you have chosen to lose weight.