Please Stop Stressing Out- Here’s Some Help For New Mommies

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Are you a first-time mom? Tensed that you will not be able to care for your precious gem? Trying to view website like nonstop? Relax dear new mommies. Here are some great tips from experienced moms.

Follow your baby’s pattern
Everyone around you will have a piece of advice to share. The minute you reach home with Baby, you will be told how to hold him/her, how to feed, how to cuddle, how to put him/her to sleep and so many other facts. This is more than enough to overwhelm you and reinforce the feeling that you know nothing about caring for Baby. There is just one way out of all this confusion. Listen to your baby. Follow your instincts. Though the first few days will be tough. Note when your baby cries, how frequently he /she wets her diaper and how frequently you are having to feed. Once you get an idea of all this, you will understand what upsets the baby.
Keep baby warm and dry
Your baby needs warmth and should be kept dry always. This will reduce discomfort and keep Baby happier. Make a routine of checking and changing his/her diaper at regular intervals. Do not keep a diaper for too long. You will be increasing chances of rashes. So when you change the diaper, apply Vaseline or baby powder and keep him/her dry always. If you reside in a place where it is cold, make sure you cover your baby with warm blankets, especially at night. For warmer climates, it will help to use soft cotton clothes which allow keeping your baby cool.
Prepare early
Once you get familiar with the routine of your baby, you will have time to get prepared. It will also be possible to snatch a bit of Me Time for yourself. After feeding your baby, you can make a quick cup of milk for yourself and take a shower or read a book. Keep an alarm for at least 15 mns before the next feeding time. At the start, you may not get a long duration to take a break, however as a few months go by, it will get easier to predict the sleeping pattern of your baby. This will help you prepare better for managing your day.
Bonding time
Make sure you have enough bonding time with the baby. It should not always while feeding and changing. Spend time to talk to him/her too. Ask Daddy to spend as much as time with the baby as well. It will give you a break and also help them bond. Restrain yourself from interfering when they are together. You may feel like running and picking your baby when you spend some time apart. However, don’t do that. Take time to relax.
Massage and bath
As the baby grows, give him/her gentle massages with oil and a warm bath. This will help to give sound sleep and keep Baby healthy too. Keep the bathing area warm in advance so that Baby is also comfortable there. Let him/her wriggle around as they are being massaged. This will promote the growth of limbs and keep Baby active too. A little activity is always going to get him/her hungrier. So be prepared for a long feed and then a sound sleep.