Role Of Biotin On Hair’s Health


Good health is the greatest wealth known to mankind. Maintaining good health depends on various factors which include a nutritious diet, less stress, fitness and so on. Hair loss, according to experts like the ones behind the successful site Hairlossable, is considered to be one of the dreadful symptoms that indicate poor scalp health. The reason could range from simple reasons to even complex problems arising out of dreadful diseases like cancer. As indicated by the impact of hair loss leads to many psychological complications which further leads to numerous health problems.

Losing hair is certainly frustrating and in many cases leads to depression among men as well as women. It has been estimated that over forty million men and women suffer from hair loss symptoms and need treatment. The popular Biotin found in Vitamin B7 is looking to be of great promise for hair loss treatment.

Advantages of using Biotin for improving health

Biotin otherwise known as Vitamin B7 is responsible for making keratin which is the basic building block of human hair and nails. It can be used as a good food supplement for making healthier hair growth. On the other hand, the deficiency of biotin can result in hair loss that can even lower metabolism.

It is interesting to find that hair as well nails are made of biotin. It is not the vitamin that is generated in the body but it has to be supplemented along with the right food. This is generally available in food items like walnuts and other types of nuts. Research has shown that brown rice, egg yolk, and even soya beans contain vitamin B7. Adding these items to the daily diet will certainly increase the level of Biotin and other vitamins in general. Care should be taken that these proteins do not bind and hence it is better to avoid protein powders and raw eggs. It if binds, the vitamins will not be able to reach the hair and promote hair growth.

How does Biotin work to keep hair healthy?

Biotin is produced in the human body in a natural process due to bacteria and yeast. It also does many functions for keeping us healthy in many ways. When consumed orally or through injections it works in maintaining the muscles, tissues, bones apart from hair. Hair loss happens when there is a deficiency of Biotin. An extra dose of this wonder drug solves all kinds of hair issues and keeps hair in good health.

Deficiency of Biotin

As the quantity of Biotin produced in the body is insufficient, it is necessary to provide the required quantity through external supplements. Hence many Biotin products are available in the local market. One can even buy this wonderful supplement online. But it has to be consumed according to the directions of the medical experts. As Biotin enhances the growth of the hair as well as the nails, it is highly recommended by beauty clinics and spas. Metabolic disturbances can cause the production of Biotin which needs to be addressed by the medical experts by giving the right treatment. Biotin is present in good quantities in raw egg yolk and hence most of the spas use this for hair loss treatments.