The smooth glide of the color along your lips; the delicate lines that give your lips the perfect shape and the one shade that never fails to complement your looks. A lipstick is one of the basic and ubiquitous items found in every woman’s makeup kit. How often have you wished for simple lipstick hacks so you could obtain the perfect pout? While you can look for the perfect shade at, take a look at these tips that can transform you instantly.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips
Yes, we agree you have heard this beauty tip. Exfoliating your lips removes dead cells and makes them softer. All you need is a clean toothbrush and some moisturizing balm. Take a coin-sized amount of the balm and apply them on your lips. Using the brush, gently brush your lips in a circular motion.

Do not apply excess pressure. Be gentle and you will have the softest lips in a few minutes.

2. Tinted lip balms
A moisturizer and a lip shade. How cool is that? Lip balms remain an all-time favorite and prevent chapped lips. Switch over to a tinted lip balm that works like magic when you just can’t manage the perfect look. They are loaded with ultra-moisturizing formulas and condition your lips while doing an excellent job of coating your lips with the desired color.

3. Skip The Gloss
Those glossy lips that celebrities flaunt are every woman’s envy. One of the basic rules of a lip gloss is that it requires you to constantly apply them to your lips. It is best to stay away from them unless you have the time to reapply them every few minutes.

4. Invest In A Lip Stain Gloss
Were you of the opinion that a lip stain gloss was actually a lipstick gone wrong? In reality, it is a formula that is right for every lazy girl. Pick from high gloss or low matte finish, or textures like solid, liquid, and gel. All you need to do is apply a thin film over your lips, leave it to dry, and then apply another coating on it.

5. Lip Crayons
This multi-use cosmetic is an essential item in your handbag. It can be used as a lip liner, lipstick or it can serve as a lip stain. Choose them in different textures, ranging from glossy shades to a velvety matte or creamy texture.

If you have a power presentation at work, all you need is a lip crayon to give your face a makeover. These will not smudge your face and they glide over the lips to give a smooth and even texture.

6. Lip Liners To The Rescue
A waterproof lip liner helps define the shape of your lips and keeps the lipstick in place.

7. Learn More About Lipstick Application
There are simple steps that you should follow while applying lipstick.
· Take a good quality lip balm and smoothen your lips with them. This helps reduce dryness.
· Next comes the lip liner, Always choose a color that blends with the color of your lips, and not with the lipstick shade.
· Working your way from the center of the lip and move outwards towards the edges.
· Use a tissue to blot the extra layer.

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