Exclusively For Women- Lipogaine For Women

hair loss for Women

Women all over the world suffer from hair loss and thinning of hair. Hair is an integral part of a woman’s beauty, and when this hair is lost, women tend to become depressed and lose their confidence. That is why, the hair specialists, Lipogaine has introduced a hair treatment formula exclusively for women. Many helpful hints about maintaining the beautiful tresses of women are available in the web page stylecraze.com. They also mention in detail about the benefits of Lipogaine for women in curbing the hair loss issues of women.

How it acts

Lipogaine for Women addresses the major hair problem faced by women- hair loss and hair thinning. The Lipogaine works on androgenic alopecia and wards off the hair thinning problems in women. It acts as nourishment to the hair follicles and boosts the overall re-growth of all the lost hair. The result would be cascading layers of gorgeous tresses anyone would stand in awe at. It reduces the DHT that is the main culprit causing hair loss.

Lipogaine for Women is a 60ml solution bottle. It is recommended that you apply about 1ml of the solution on the area of hair thinning two times in a day. After applying once, the next application should only be after about 8 hours. It need not be massaged into the scalp, but it needs to be applied evenly parting the hair into one or two rows so that the scalp of hair gets the maximum exposure to the product.

Lipogaine for women contains the following ingredients- water, Ethanol, Propylene glycol, DHT blocker blend with Azetinol, Minoxidil, Niacin, Apple Polyphenol, Biotin, phosphatidylcholine, Vitamin B6 and B12 and Biotinyl- tripeptide. A point to note here is that Lipogaine for women is to be avoided for the women having nonhereditary hair loss, young girls under 18 years, red, irritated or inflamed scalp conditions and also for women who use other types of medications on the scalp.